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Something is Different

More BIG News! You may have noticed a few recent changes in our email signatures and other marketing materials. First, we are rebranding ourselves as DNA HOMES! This change is super exciting for us and will evolve over time as we figure out our direction with the help of BNR Media Group.  We look forward […]


Remote-Working Entrepreneurs

WORKING FROM HOME This article exemplifies why we joined Red Brick Real Estate. Working from home is a growing trend and we don’t see the need to pay high fees just to be a part of a physical office.  Developers are cashing in on this business trend by actually designing buildings that facilitate remote-working entrepreneurs. […]


CHMC – Making It Easier For Self-Employed?

“Self-employed entrepreneurs find it difficult to get mortgages.” I recently read an article in the Financial Post that was quite intriguing.  The article captured my attention because as a Realtor I am self-employed, which makes obtaining a mortgage tricky.  After 12 years in the business, Dita and I have certainly showed a great track record […]


Student Housing – Thoughts on Guelph

6 Thoughts on the Student Housing Market As originally published by with comments added by the Somerville Team about the the Guelph student housing market. While it’s difficult to predict the future, one thing is for certain – the student housing market will continue to grow. How exactly it will grow and evolve is something […]


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